Monday, January 3, 2011

Hmong New Years Jan. 9 and 10 in Lao U Village

About 14 villages from Tambol TapTao in Thoeng District,
Chiang Rai will be gathering to celebrate the annual Hmong
New Years. Lanna Thai Villa will be offering guests the opportunity
to observe and participate in this colorful and fun event.
Rooms are still available - come join the fun.

Akha New Years - Dec. 2010

Guests Karrie-Anne and Art enjoyed some real culture contact as they
witnessed goings on at Akha New Years at Pha Hi village in the North
of Chiang Rai Province. Guests from many Akha villages representing
various Akha groups such as Uloh, Phamee and LorMee. Guests entered
the celebration area through a double line of Akha women percussionists
playing on drums, cymbals and traditional bamboo sounding tubes.Performances
of traditional song and dance were put on by representatives of the various villages attending.
There were plentiful opportunities to engage in conversation with the participants
and to photograph the proceedings.