Sunday, January 20, 2013



On our trip through both urban and rural areas of Burma we had the distinct
pleasure of meeting and interacting with a wide range of people varying in
age, occupation and gender. All exhibited a sincere friendliness and openness
as we entered their worlds both as tourists but also as people wanting to learn
as much as we could from them about the human condition of their lives. Despite
the large increase in tourist numbers we were always well received and met with gracious hospitality be it at private homes or in busy hotels. It was easy to sense a new
optimism (albeit tempered with caution) about the future direction of Burmese development. 
Our guides provided in depth and wide ranging information about the sites we visited.
They were also willing to engage openly about current changes in Burmese society.
After years of suffering and poverty it was heartening to sense winds of positive change.

The following pictures are a sample of portraits of the people we met during our travels.  

Vendor at Ubein Bridge

Traditional and Modern, Daughter of Friend Suu Suu in Nyaungshwe

Having Fun on a Sand Island Near Mingun

Checking Out the Visitors, Sand Island

Souvenir Seller Bagan

Balancing the Load, Bagan

Personable Vendor , Bagan

On Temple Steps, Rangoon

Friend of 15 Years, Khine Khin Oo

Lottery Seller, Rangoon

Student in Taung Shaye Village

Ready to Dance, Taung Shaye Village

Souvenir Seller, at Nanthida Jetty, Rangoon

Vendor at Nanthida Jetty

Spectator at Kyauk Se Festival

Our Engaging and vivacious Guide Pay Pay, Kakku

PaO GEntleman at Kakku

Young Worshiper at Botahtaung Pagoda, Rangoon

Spectator at Kyauk Se Festival

Carrying Water at Taung Shaye Village

Young Nun, Kalaw

Infant on Sidewalk Near Sule Pagoda

Students at Taung Shaye Village

Youngsters at NyaukThe Yauk Myauk Kone Village

PaO Girl at Naung Pit Village

Pao Woman at Naung Pit Village

Woman at Hindu Temple, Rangoon

Taung Lwin and Family, Teak Wood Lodge, Nyaungshwe

Woman and Child in Nyauk The Yauk Myauk Kone Village

Young Girl in Nyauk The Yauk Myauk Kone Village

Young Nuns at Shwedigon, Rangoon

Mother and Baby With Mickey Mouse Tanaka Pattern, Shwedigon

Village Woman at Nyauk The Yauk Myauk Kone Village

Village Elder

PaO Woman at Shwe Yan Pyay Monastery, Nyaunshwe

PaO Woman near Indein

Palaung Child, Palaung Village Near Kalaw

Young Monk at Gukyaung Monastery School, Nyaung U

Young Devotees, Shwedigon

All Smiles at Temple Fair, Bagan

Shop Owner, Nyaung U Market

Monk in Nyaung U Market

Arriving by Bicycle, Nyaung U Market

Spectators at Boat Races, Paung Dao Oo Pagoda

Taung Lwin, Friend of 32 Years

Young Monk Playing Catch With a Water Bottle, Shwezigon Pagoda

Taking a Break, Shwezigon, Pagoda

Girl at Shwezigon, Pagoda

Young Mother at Taung Shaye Village

Village Elder, Taung Shaye Village

Learning from Dad, In Paw Kone, Inle Lake

PaO Girl at In Paw KOne Pagoda

Student, Taung Shaye Village

Young Worshippers, In Paw Kone Pagoda

Water Carrier, Taung Shaye Village

All Smiles, Taung Shaye Village

Student Dormitory on Way to Salay

Grandmother and Child, Salay

Vendor at Riverside Bagan

Phwe Phwe, at Shwe Indein Pagoda

Elderly Woman at Shwe Indein Pagoda

PaO Woman

Pa O Woman

Our Hostess on Inle Lake,
All pictures on Lanna Happenings are Copyright by Steve Wilke 2012 unless otherwise credited.